Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to Order

Sms/Call : 012-9625675
By email :
YM : jumaah_salehudin
Delivery : within KUANTAN area ONLY (charge will be from RM5 - RM20)

Please note the details of your order as follows:

Name :
Contact No. :
Pick-Up Date :
Pick-Up Time :

Cupcakes Size :
Quantity :
Flavour & Topping :
Theme :
Wording :

*** Note ***

1- Please place your order at least 3 days in advance.
2- For large amount of orders, must be placed 2 weeks in advance.
3- For bulk orders (more than 300pcs), must be placed 1 months in advance
4- Booking required 50% deposit (I have to ask for deposit to avoid any cancellation), and the balance can be paid on the day of your pick-up date.
5- For online booking & required me to deliver to particular person, please make full settlement before I can poceed with the orders
6- Please bank in the deposit to my account (refer to details below) and email/sms me payment details once done.

Name : Megat Ahmad Shahril
Acc # (Maybank) : 1560 1187 3947

Pick-up Point

I am based in Kuantan, Pahang

Pick Up Point:

- N0 32, Lrg Seri Damai Perdana 22, Tmn Impian Perdana, Bt 6, Jln Gambang, 25150 Kuantan (behind Pasaraya Terus Maju)


***within KUANTAN area ONLY (charge will be from RM10 - RM20)

Contact Me

Sms/Call : 012-9625675
By email :
YM : jumaah_salehudin

Price List For Cupcakes

* Chocolate Moist (most famous)
* Choc Cheese Cupcakes (New!!)
* Vanilla
* Blueberry
* Pandan

* Buttercream / Choc buttercream
* Choc Ganache
* Fondant

ONLY available in Souffle Cup size :

(photo courtesy of AIMI)


1. PLAIN CUPCAKES (min order must be at least 50pcs)
- RM1.20/pcs (S size) & RM1.50/pcs (M size)
- add 10 cents for packing in loose plastic
- add 40 cents for packing in round dome casing
- add RM5 (16 pcs), RM10 (25pcs) for filling - strawberry/kiwi/orange/mango/blueberry/lemon


i) S size
***16 pcs => from RM40 & above
***25 pcs => from RM55 & above

ii) M size
***16 pcs => from RM50 & above
***25 pcs => from RM65 & above

notes :
- price depend on the deco requested
- add RM7 for topping with chocolate ganache & RM5 for topping with choc buttercream
- add price for deco with fondant
- add RM10 for cartoon drawing/any special drawing
- for edible image, please place your order 2 weeks in advance
- add RM15/set for edible image on cupcakes

3. FONDANT CUPCAKES (using ready made gumpaste flowers)

i) S size
***16 pcs => from RM65 & above
***25 pcs => from RM105 & above

ii) M size
***16 pcs => from RM75 & above
***25 pcs => from RM115 & above

4. FONDANT CUPCAKES (figurine - bees/bug etc & home made flowers)

i) S size
*** 16 pcs => from RM75 & above
*** 25 pcs => from RM100 & above

ii) M size
*** 16 pcs = from RM85 & above
*** 25 pcs = from RM120 & above


special box

hantaran box

individual pack (round dome casing)

***add price for cupcakes in the packaging as above

*** for the individual quotation, please email me at

price may subject to change from time to time

Saturday, January 24, 2009

For my officemate......

My 1st project(for org luar other than my family)...... i made cuppies for my officemate. 2 of our collegue are going to resign......."Fong & Azlina, wish u both all d best yer", so kitorang made farewell function for them....together ngan celebrating Jan yer bday. So, aku pun apa lg, men'volunteer'kan diri tuk buat cuppies, sekali ngan buat promo laaaa......let them taste my cuppies.

taaaa raaa...

d design was inspired from K. Dalia.....aku suka tgk design dia, simple but still menariksss...mintak halal yer kak....


yg ni, for my kids.....sibuk nak jugak cuppies yg dah di deco. Aku soh makan cuppies yg tak der buttercream dia, buat gak la simple deco for them

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More cuppies that i've made

I luv to shown another cuppies that me n my hubby made (jgn tekezut, my hubby pun leh deco cuppies tau) .......more formal look, may b suits for wedding/engagement function.....or, kalo yg suka2 bunga-bungaan......pun buleh jugak order this type of cuppies for ur bday.....

roses ni, my dear hubby's touch.....not bad kan

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cuppies for kids.....

I put a few piccas of cuppies which i made with my dear hubby last Sat. Those cuppies are suitable for kids....can be for his/her bday & also yummy for 'makan-makan'

i call this 'padang bola'....suits for ur boy

look like kids really love this

ur kids are crazy for sesame street???? surely they will love this....

how's ur feeling today????
"happy bday 2u"........simple deco, using piping gel......d yellow dot make the cuppies glow

Friday, January 16, 2009

Cuppies 4 my dearest hubby.....

Really proud that i manage to make cuppies by myself, my 1st touch actually, after attending class with K.Zati .......

taaa raaaa........
here it is, specially 4 my hubby on his bday (10th Jan)....

Close up skettttt.....

how's ur comment, still need more improvement hahhh. Don't worry, i'll make sure d result will b better & better next time......