Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy Bday Dada & Mum....

Repeat order from Sue (UIA), sebelom ni order cc for her byfren....kali tuk dada & mum's bday plak. Design...Su bg & aku modify sket2 apa yg patut. Thanks Sue for ordering again......

Yang kat bawah ni plak, tuk regular customer minibox aku.....Ieda. Lama dah taye bila nak baking vanilla cc. So, bila ada baking vanilla ni dpt la dia lepas gian makan cc aku ni.


Ms Linee said...

kt cc nie, i pilih deco yg U wat mcm btk ice-cream....putaran pink+putih cantik...twist yg menarik perhatian....well done!!

Aimi said...

cun design ni..nampak meriah & ceria... bravo!!!!!!!

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